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Diabetic Foot Care Doctor Michigan | Benenati Foot & Ankle Care Centers - diabetic-foot-careOur #1 Goal is to Save Your Feet and Toes

Benenati Foot and Ankle Care Specialists are the area’s top diabetic foot doctors and surgeons. As diabetic foot specialists, we diagnose and treat diabetic foot problems such as diabetic foot ulcers, numbness and circulation problems, skin infections, Chorcot foot, and more.

If you are a diabetic, it is especially important for you to pay close attention to your feet. Diabetic foot problems can quickly become serious if not treated quickly, especially if your diabetes lead to nerve damage in your legs and feet. The two most common problems we treat are Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease. If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, you may not feel heat, cold, or pain. This lack of sensory can result in wounds being left untreated, which could lead to infection or internal bleeding. Peripheral vascular disease that affects blood flow. Without proper blood flow to your feet, it will take injuries longer to heal. If you have a foot infection that will not heal, you are at risk for developing a diabetic foot ulcer or worse, gangrene. As experienced diabetic foot doctors, we carefully monitor your diabetic foot problems to promote better circulation and treat wounds quickly. Our focus is on saving your feet and toes first, before recommending diabetic foot surgery.

The best time to see a diabetic foot doctor is before you have signs of a diabetic foot problem. We can talk to you about the best diabetic foot care you can do at home and help you recognize early warning signs.


  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy 
  • Diabetic Complications 
  • Diabetic Amputation Prevention 
  • Diabetic Skin Graft 
  • Charcot Foot/Ankle Reconstruction 
  • Diabetic Foot and Ankle Care 
  • Gangrene 
  • Diabetic Ulcers 
  • Limb Salvage 
  • Amputation Prevention 

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Benenati Foot and Ankle Centers was established 20 years ago with one goal in mind, to save limbs and keep people walking.

Our podiatrists and staff have a love and passion for helping people. The Benenati Foot Care Centers specialize in Sports Injuries, Ankle Reconstruction and Ankle Replacement, Diabetic Foot and Ankle Care, Limb Salvage and Advanced Diabetic Wound Care, but we treat all foot and ankle conditions. All of our podiatrists have specialized training; mine includes Chief of Podiatric Surgery and Medicine, as well as Residency Director for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction for the Foot and Ankle Reconstruction program at St. John Macomb Hospital.
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