Walking on Flat Feet

If you suspect that you have flat feet, chances are you are progressively developing a deformity that could affect the way you walk, exercise and more.  Benenati Foot & Ankle Care Centers treats flat feet often, a foot deformity that leaves the sole of your feet resting flat on the ground. This condition is usually associated with pronation (when your ankle bones lean inward as you walk). When flat feet become painful, it usually means the tendons in your feet are likely swollen or torn. 

What kind of symptoms can you expect?

  • Your feet may become easily tired without cause
  • You notice pain in the arch of your feet or heels when you walk
  • Standing becomes difficult so you find yourself sitting more to ease the discomfort
  • Back or leg pain starts to affect your daily routine

What causes flat feet?

  • Abnormality from birth could have developed into adult issues
  • Obesity can put unnecessary pressure on the tendons in your feet
  • Tendons that are stretched, swollen or torn from injury
  • Aging causes the bottom of your feet to lose fatty pads which can cause your feet to lay flat instead of arched
  • Pregnancy can cause you to stand differently which opens the door for over-pronation

Are there treatment plans that could work?

  • Consult us for a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible
  • Weight loss takes the pressure off the bones, ligaments and tendons of your feet
  • Physical therapy may be suggested if you are diagnosed with rigid flat feet
  • Supportive shoes can make all the difference, so avoid tight shoes, high heels or shoes that force your feet into an unnatural shape
  • Custom-made orthotics give the best result overall

If flat feet are not treated right away, it could lead to a permanent disability and cause daily problems. In some cases, surgery may be required to restore normal function to the tendon. If you would like more information on diagnosing and treating flat feet, contact any of our offices in Saint Clair Shores, Warren or Macomb, Michigan and schedule an appointment today with Anthony Benenati, DPM, Neil Shaw, DPM, Julie Mrozek, DPM or Adam Thompson, DPM. Flat feet are a common condition that in most cases can be corrected easily with some life style changes, so don’t let it get past the point of no return!

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