Foot Surgery- What Are Common Foot Surgeries?

Our feet are intricate parts of our bodies. If they are injured, and the toes or joints suffer from arthritis thus causing persistent pain that makes it difficult to wear shoes and walk, surgery may be a necessity. The following are some common foot surgeries performed on the feet.
Fracture Repair
Most foot fractures can heal with the use of a rigid shoe, a cast, and in case of a fractured toe, taping it to a healthy one. However, some fractures demand surgery to fix them such as when a bone is broken and the ends get displaced and don’t line up. Surgery is needed to reposition the bone, and hardware may be placed to hold it still until it reconstructs.
Arthroscopic Surgery
Arthroscopic surgery is helpful in the early stages of arthritis to remove the inflamed tissues and spurs on the joint. The operation is carried out by inserting a lighted scope through an incision made on the are just above the joint. The scope has a camera that illuminates and casts images of the interior of the joint onto a monitor. With the guide of the projected images, the doctor inserts surgical instruments through the incisions and makes surgical repairs to the inflamed joint.
Ganglion Cyst Removal
Ganglion cysts are commonly benign but can cause constant foot pain. They are fluid-filled growths common at the nerve endings. They press the nerves causing constant and acute pain that can be eliminated by removing the cyst. It is a minor outpatient procedure carried out by a foot and ankle specialist.
Arthrodesis (Joint Fusion)
It is a surgical procedure that involves the ends where bones meet to form joints being removed and then joined using screws or pins to fuse and form a single rigid unit. This procedure corrects several deformities like claw toe and hammer toe.
Bunions Foot Surgery
Bunions are bony lumps that occur at the bottom of the big toe. They are usually caused by hallux valgus. The big toe joint is deformed and bends towards the other toes. Bunions are rectified by performing a surgical operation known as osteotomy which straightens the toe as well as the metatarsals.
Not all foot problems improve without surgery. Some require minor operations but may get worse if not treated on time it is, therefore, advisable to visit a qualified physician for a more informed decision.

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