Back to School Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Back to School Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy - back_to_school_feet
Whether you are a mom ready to kick back after a busy summer or a teacher doing last minute prep for the classroom, the school year is almost here. With the school year about to kick off, it is a good idea to add shoes to your shopping list. With the shoes, make sure to care for your feet and your kids' feet healthy. Keep reading to learn our tips to protect your feet as they start stepping back to school.


Take a Break and Lift Your Feet

It is a cliche to put your feet on a desk. Now we aren’t telling you to be disrespectful, but lifting up your feet is a great way to reduce swelling in your ankles and feet. After being on your feet during the day, blood pools in your feet causing swelling. Getting your feet above your heart throughout the day or at the end of the day can make a big difference. 

Stretches Keep You Limber

When you up the time on your feet, all the muscles below your knee will start to tighten up. Make it a priority to stretch out your calf and hamstrings daily. These stretches will relax your heel and prevent injury. If you sit for a long time, stretch and move your feet to avoid pain when you finally stand up again. To get your kids into stretching, make it a game and do it with them.

Wear the Right Shoes

No matter if you are standing or sitting, running around or strolling leisurely, the pressure you put on your feet is sure to change as the season changes from Summer to Fall. Choose shoes that support the arch of your foot while removing as much stress as possible. Balance professionalism with comfort when you select the shoes that will carry you through the season. And for the young ones, make sure they strike a balance between being cool and walking with support.

Let those Feet Breathe

Going from sandals to closed shoes and socks can turn your ordinarily breezy foot situation into a sweat factory. This sweatbox makes for a breeding ground of fungus on your feet. Let your feet air out by not wearing shoes or socks. Moisture-wicking or athletic socks can help keep your feet dry and clean.

Planning and taking care of your feet and ankles during this transition time can help you from experiencing pain or injury. 

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