6 Reasons To Call a Podiatrist

At Benenati Foot and Ankle Care Centers, we would always rather see our patients on the side of caution when it comes to dealing with lower extremity pain and discomfort. Most podiatric conditions are more easily treated when caught in their earliest stages. Pain that is not treated promptly may lead to chronic foot problems that could eventually limit your mobility. In addition, your feet often act as an early warning system for the rest of your body. It’s not uncommon for the symptoms of diseases like neuropathy, arthritis or diabetes to first show up in your lower legs and feet.

Below are some reasons we’d like to hear from you:

  1. After falling or stepping off a curb and twisting your ankle, you notice swelling, bruising, tenderness, pain, and difficulty bearing weight on the affected foot. Ankle injuries can be misleading. Sometimes the symptoms will improve, but the sprain is not actually getting better. Most cases of chronic weak ankles are the result of ankle sprains that were never treated or rehabilitated fully.
  2. You have found a growth or lump somewhere on your foot or an existing abnormality appears to be getting larger or changing in appearance. This also goes for moles or freckles. Changes in size or characteristics (i.e., color, bleeding, scabbing or becoming more raised) should all be reported to one of our podiatrists, Dr. Anthony Benenati, Dr. Neil Shaw, and Dr. Adam Thompson promptly.
  3. A pain that you’ve experienced intermittently keeps coming back. Too often patients mistakenly think that a pain that isn’t constant isn’t worth the foot doctor’s time. Many conditions such as stress fractures and plantar fasciitis may start out with pain that comes and goes.
  4. There’s a rash on the skin of your feet. Dry, flaky, itchy skin can be the sign of athlete’s foot or another infection.
  5. Your legs feel sluggish or you notice numbness, tingling, burning or other unusual sensations in your feet.
  6. One of your toes appears to be moving out of place—drifting toward another toe, overlapping, bending downward or into any other abnormal position.

If you experience any of the above symptoms or you are concerned about something else regarding your feet, contact our Macomb (586) 416-3668, St. Clair Shores (586) 779-6140 or Warren (586) 756-3338 office for an appointment.

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