5 Scary Reasons Why Flip Flops Destroys Your Feet

When the weather starts to warm up, the wardrobe begins to change. Instead of the jackets and scarves, out come the tank tops and shorts. With the changes come up top comes the summertime footwear. Slip out of your boots and into some lighter shoes. Beware of flip flops, though. Below are some reasons why your slip-on sandals can cause you some trouble down the line.

You are Open to Infections

When you walk in public places wearing flip flops, you become exposed to bacteria, viruses, and fungi. One of the dangers your feet may touch is the bacteria Staphylococcus. This infection irritates your feet and can lead to serious health concerns. Cuts and even micro-cuts on your feet create direct pathways inside your body, exposing you to severe health concerns.

Flip flops are harmful for you feet.

You Could Sprain an Ankle

With the lack of stability in flip flops, your ankle has less built-in support from your footwear. This lack of support creates a hazard for your ankles, particularly if you already have sprained them in the past. Any turns or twists in flip flops become much more likely to cause a sprain than if you had been wearing proper footwear.

They Destroy with Your Posture and Your Stride

With flatter footwear comes more significant problems. Whenever you wear something on your feet that doesn’t bend and move naturally with your foot, you alter your biomechanics and thus your posture. Adjusting to the change in biomechanics, your stride will become smaller, hesitant, and more pressured.

You Could Develop Bone Spurs and Corns

With heavy heel strikes, the body will send extra calcium to support the area. The excess deposits may lead to plantar fasciitis or bone spurs if left untreated. Your toes may become irritated where the strap touches and rubs your skin, creating blisters or even painful corns.

You May Get Poked by...Anything

With exposed feet, anything can come at your open skin. Rocks, sticks, gum, animal waste, and much more are on the ground outside, ready to poke your feet and give you problems.

Benenati Foot & Ankle Care Centers have seen and treated many forms of foot and ankle issues in our many years of medical experience. Make sure to treat your feet and ankles with care to keep them healthy and safe over the summer. If you do develop an issue, contact our Macomb (586) 416-3668, St. Clair Shores (586) 779-6140, or Warren (586) 756-3338 offices today.

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